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Fuck its been awhile but this is a first of many i have in my scetchbook so enjoy and ignore the old shit!

well damn

2010-09-09 16:55:40 by aricrusk66

weeeelll idk what to drw so ima just blast a post.... idk what blasting a post is but fuck it! im doin it

well damn

I need comments so I can improve as an artist. So, stop playin the hentai games and get on ma homepage and see ma artwork plz. thank you

Yeah sooo, Check out ma artowrk

New artwork is up!

2010-03-24 18:50:46 by aricrusk66

Ma new artwork is up, hope you enjoy it! Check it ooout


2010-03-22 19:23:46 by aricrusk66

Finally have everything up and running so I have new pics for you. Hope you guys enjoy


New artwork coming soon......

2010-03-09 16:16:33 by aricrusk66

idk when cause ma computer and scanner are being gay, but hopefully I have it up soon

Yeah so.....Merry Christmas-eve

2009-12-24 12:59:47 by aricrusk66

I'm bored and i would like somebody to check out ma artwork before i go crazy, not to get noticed, even though that'll be great, i just want people's input on what i can do better or new ideas that i can try out. Yeah, i would appreciate that....... but no stupid it sucks comments, those suck and you're wasting my time, so please if you don't mind none of that fuckin shit, thank you C:

meh, i found me old cartoons i drew, ya should check em out

2009-12-21 18:00:43 by aricrusk66

and don't be harsh assholes, i draw in a sketchy way, its what i do, so don't go commenting how shitty it is cause ya can suck ma dick cause i don't care, i post em to get fuckin positive feedback and not "it sucks" ya hate it? then fuckin tell me why ya hate it asswipes...... anyways enjoy and remember i draw with a lot of crooked-ass lines and smudges, bitches

Thanks fer readin me post...... c:

meh, i found me old cartoons i drew, ya should check em out


2009-12-19 20:09:48 by aricrusk66

Ay, please go nd check out ma artwork, some of em are old & crappy but idc. click full screen for the older ones. Thanks!

AY, check out ma new artwork, messy but it is my kinda style, and its prolly a bit hard to read so ask if ur having trouble, but u shouldnt if you go full view.... anyways check it out please